Lectures & Workshops

The Centre of Islamic Studies organises special lectures and on-going seminars on themes of topical and scholarly interest.

The Prince Alwaleed Lectureship in the Department of Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Cambridge is supported by the Centre of Islamic Studies. Dr Paul Anderson teaches courses on the anthropology of Islam, and on modernist and reformist intellectual trends in Islam, and is conducting research on the moralities of trade among Syrian entrepreneurs and commercial networks.

The Cambridge Muslims in Europe Postgraduate Forum is an interdisciplinary research and discussion group based at the University of Cambridge for postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers studying Islam and Muslims in Europe. It brings together researchers from POLIS, Divinity, History and FAMES, as well as students from further afield. Part of its activities this academic year entail hosting postgraduate speakers from other universities to present their research in a supportive atmosphere. These events, which are supported by CIS, will engage with the topics of Islamic law, intellectual thought, civil society, education, marriage, and migration. Newcomers are welcome; we kindly request that you contact the organisers (cjjm3@cam.ac.uk / md618@cam.ac.uk) in advance.

Prince Alwaleed Lectureship and the Cambridge Muslims in Europe Postgraduate Forum Events: