Cambridge Arab Media Project (CAMP)

The Cambridge Arab Media Project (CAMP) encourages research into the Arab media and provides media professionals and academics with an open and neutral platform for debate.

Over the past few years CAMP organised conferences and workshop on various themes relating to Arab media, with specific focus on TV broadcasting, in the UK and abroad. One major goal of these meetings has been to bring together academics and experts on the field along with practioners in the industry to explore new research agenda. Main events and conferences organised by CAMP include the following:

1. Conference on Religious Broadcasting in the Middle East’, University of Cambridge, 30-31 January 2010.
2. Conference on Broadcasting in ‘their’ Language: Middle Eastern and Western TV Networks and their Audiences, University of Cambridge, 3 November 2007.
3. Conference on The Media and Political Change in the Arab World, University of Cambridge, 28-30 September 2004.
4. Conference on Arab and Western Media Coverage of the Iraq War, University of Cambridge, 19-21 March 2004.
5. Conference onArab Satellite Broadcasting in the Age of Globalization: Furthering Integration or Enhancing Fragmentation in the Arab World, University of Cambridge, September 2002. 

The Director of CAMP is Dr Khaled Hroub.