Social Action in an Age of Austerity

Published: 11 Sep 2012

This one-day workshop and networking event on September 11th invites faith-based community organisations, policy-makers and academics to discuss how communities are responding to austerity policies and economic pressures.


Social Action in an Age of Austerity
11 September 2012
University of Cambridge

Panels will cover basic welfare provision, youth and children, and social and economic development, as well as the role of faith and faith-based community in addressing these needs.

The full programme and further information can be viewed here: Social Action in an Age of Austerity Programme.pdf

News story (11 September 2012)Faith in Social Action


The event is organised by the Centre of Islamic Studies and the Woolf Institute, in association with Faith-based Regeneration Network. To register and for further information, please contact .