Current Visiting Fellows

Mr Martin Rose

MENA Consultant, British Council


Research Interests: Morocco generally, language and culture, and the interaction of faiths.
Research at Cambridge: the Moroccan community in Manchester and the trade in silver plate.


Dr Shana Cohen
Stone Ashdown Director, Woolf Institute


Research interests: public services; non-profit organizations; political alienation in North Africa; inequality; comparative values of social justice and social good.

Research at Cambridge: contemporary values and practices of social good and society within Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. 

Dr Yousef Meri
Allianz Visiting Professor of Islamic Studies, Ludwig Maximilians-University of Munich


Research interests: medieval Islamic history and civilisation; Jews of Arab lands in pre-modern and modern times; academic study of Muslim-Jewish relations; memory and history; history of religions, ritual studies; pilgrimage, saints and sacred objects in Islam, Judaism and Christianity; sacred space.

Research at Cambridge: a book project on memory among Muslims and Jews in the Islamic World.

Click here to read first year report by Visiting Fellow Dr Yousef Meri.

Dr Abdelwahab El-Affendi 
Reader in Politics 
University of Westminster

Research interests: democracy and Islam; violence; democracy and insecurity.

Research at Cambridge: violence; democracy and insecurity.

Click here to read first year report by Visiting Fellow Dr Abdelwahab El-Affendi.