Current Visiting Fellows

Dr Sara Betteridge
Chartered Counselling Psychologist and Spiritual Care Advisor NHS  


Research Interests: Incorporating Religion into therapy, Muslim experiences of mental health, Islamic interpretations of mental health issues, Psychological, Social and Spiritual theories on Psychosis.
Research at Cambridge: Muslim Mental Health in Britain.

Mr Ahmed Paul Keeler


Research Interests:  Western world cultural narratives, cultural narratives in the Muslim world, the arts of Islam,  modern art.
Research at Cambridge: Exploring the Quranic principle of Mizan as realised in Islamic civilisation.

Mr Martin Rose

MENA Consultant, British Council


Research Interests: Morocco generally, language and culture, and the interaction of faiths.
Research at Cambridge: the Moroccan community in Manchester and the trade in silver plate.


Dr Shana Cohen
Stone Ashdown Director, Woolf Institute


Research interests: public services; non-profit organizations; political alienation in North Africa; inequality; comparative values of social justice and social good.

Research at Cambridge: contemporary values and practices of social good and society within Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.