Perspectives on End of Life Care: Caring for the Muslim patient

7th February 2017, Institute of Public Health, Addenbrooke’s Hospital Campus

Perspectives on End of Life Care: Caring for the Muslim patient

Presenter: Dr Mehrunisha Suleman, Research Associate, Centre of Islamic Studies, University of Cambridge

There are an estimated 2.7 million Muslims living in the UK, a significant proportion of whom either work in or access health services provided through the NHS. Little is known about their views on end of life and/or end of life care (EOLC) services. Dr Suleman shared the study she is conducting at the Centre of Islamic Studies, which is an investigation of the views of Muslim healthcare staff, patients and families about their values, expectations and experiences of EOLC in the UK. She explored how the collection and analysis of views from participants about their experiences and expectations of EOLC would enable a presentation of the range of challenges and concerns that currently exist in EOLC services within the NHS and may inform existing and future policy in this area. The study may also offer valuable insights into the Muslim community’s views on health, illness, life and death, adding layers of complexity and context to the existing discussions, within the UK, enabling the broadening of the understanding and consideration of these concepts.

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