Dr. Emanuelle Degli Esposti

Dr Degli Esposti joined the Centre on November 12, 2018, to pursue research into Muslim minorities in Europe and the Middle East. Most recently, her work interrogates the encounter between secularism and religious minorities, especially regarding the creation and sustainment of sectarian identities, and with a particular empirical expertise in Shi’a Islam. She holds a PhD and MSc in Middle East Politics from SOAS, University of London, and a BA from Oxford University. Dr Degli Esposti also has several years’ experience in journalism, consultancy, and intelligence, and her work has appeared in a variety of media and peer-reviewed publications. Her monograph exploring identity politics among Shi’a Muslim minorities in Britain is currently under review with the University of Chicago Press.

The editor and founder of online magazine The Arab Review, Emanuelle is also a published journalist and writer, as well as having more than six years’ experience working in consultancy and intelligence analysis covering Europe and the Middle East. As a CIS Research Associate, she plans to bring together policy, grassroots, and private sector networks in order to facilitate the dissemination of the Centre’s research and outreach.

Emanuelle’s current research project is ‘Beyond Sectarianism’ – see here for more details.

Selected Publications

Peer-reviewed articles

Degli Esposti, E and E Corboz (accepted, in press) – ‘From the Margins to the Centre: Shi‘a-led grassroots organisations and inclusive Muslim identity in Britain.’ Journal of Muslims in Europe – part of a special issue co-edited with Dr Elvire Corboz.

Degli Esposti, E (2021) ‘Finding a “Shi’a voice” in Europe: minority representation and the unsettling of secular humanitarianism in the discourse of “Shi’a rights.”’ Religion, State & Society, 49:4-5, 402-417.

Degli Esposti, E (2020) ‘Living Najaf in London: Diaspora, Identity, and the Iraqi-Shi’a Subject.’ In: O Schardbrodt and Y Shanneik (eds.) Shi’a Minorities in the Contemporary World. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Degli Esposti, E and A Scott-Baumann (2019) ‘Fighting for “Justice”, Engaging the Other: Shi’a Muslim Activism on the British University Campus.’ Religions 10(3): 189.

Degli Esposti, E (2019) ‘Fragmented Realities: The “Sectarianisation” of Space Among Iraqi Shias in London.’ Contemporary Islam 13: 259-285.

Degli Esposti, E (2018) ‘The aesthetics of ritual – contested identities and conflicting performances in the Iraqi Shi’a diaspora: Ritual, performance and identity change.’ Politics 38(1): 68-83.

Degli Esposti, E (2013) ‘Private Lives, Public Voices: Weblogs, Politics and the Public Sphere in Iran.’ McGill Journal of Middle East Studies XIV: 96-116.

Degli Esposti, E (2013) ‘Contested Spaces: Resistance and the (Female) Body in the Arab Spring.’ McGill Journal of Middle East Studies XIV: 75-96. 

Journalism and Op-eds

Degli Esposti, E (21 June 2022) ‘Why the Lady of Heaven film is dividing Muslim opinion’, The Conversation.

Degli Esposti, E and C Chaplin (15 April 2022) ‘The French culture war over Islam shows no sign of abating.’ Al-Jazeera. Available online: https://www.aljazeera.com/opinions/2022/4/15/the-french-culture-war-over-islam-shows-no-sign-of-abating

Degli Esposti, E (2015) ‘Evaluating the UK Government’s Counter-terrorism Strategy’. Policy Report prepared for the Centre of Academic Shi’a Studies

Degli Esposti, E (31 July 2015) ‘A new Saudi “project” for the Middle East: Exclusive interview with Jamal Khashoggi.’ Middle East Monitor. Available online: https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20150731-a-new-saudi-project-for-the-middle-east-exclusive-interview-with-jamal-khashoggi/

Degli Esposti, E (2014) ‘Local, Trans, and International Dynamics in the Rise of ISIS.’ Report produced for risk and consultancy agency Integrity.

Degli Esposti, E (2013) ‘Islam’s Other Face: Shi’a Muslims in Britain and the Threat of Sectarianism.’ Pinpoint Politics

Degli Esposti, E (3 July 2012) ‘The Plight of Egypt’s Forgotten Shi’a Minority.’ New Statesman. Available online: https://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2012/07/plight-egypt’s-forgotten-shia-minority