Affiliated Researchers

Affiliated Researchers

CIS appoints a small number of Affiliated Researchers on an annual basis with the possibility of renewal on re-application. The status of Affiliated Researcher recognises sustained contributions which researchers based in Cambridge or nearby are making to the activities of the Centre. This may include contributions to the lectures, symposia and conferences organised by the Centre, or research and outreach work in the community that aligns with the remit of the Centre. 


Affiliated Researchers are entitled to:

  • a Cambridge University email address for the duration of the affiliation.
  • use of the Faculty Library.
  • an introduction to the University Library to secure borrowing rights.
  • attendance at public lectures and seminars in the University.

The Centre does not provide office space or academic mentoring for Affiliated Researchers. Furthermore, Research Affiliation does not bring any financial remuneration from the University and it does not confer membership of any College.

Application Process

Normally the Director or Assistant Director of the Centre invite individuals to apply for the status of Affiliated Researcher based on their ongoing contribution to CIS. Materials requested  are:

  • Application form and Terms and Conditions
  • A cover letter stating the reasons for applying for a research affiliation with the Centre and any additional activities that will enhance the research environment of the Centre.
  • A Curriculum Vitae.
  • Two reference letters, at least one of which is academic, emailed directly to the Director of the Centre at


Research Affiliation normally runs for twelve months from the start of an academic year, i.e. 1 October to 30 September. Potential affiliates who have not been invited to apply are encouraged to speak with the Director or Assistant Director of the Centre before applying. Applications for the upcoming year will normally be reviewed in June of the preceding academic year.

Current Affiliated Researchers