The Centre of Islamic Studies is a research and outreach institution. Its research and outreach activities rely on the active participation of our affiliates.

The Centre has four types of affiliates: Research Associates, Affiliated Researchers, Visiting Scholars and Graduate Students.

Research Associates  are paid members of staff, usually employed on a two-year contract. They work from offices in the Centre of Islamic Studies and are expected to make a major contribution to the research and outreach aims of the Centre.

Affiliated Researchers are researchers invited to join the Centre on a non-stipendiary basis. They are an important part of the Centre’s intellectual community, contributing to its work and its wider reach. As well as pursuing research projects, they discuss and nourish the broader work of the Centre at research days, and by contributing to other activities such as symposia and conferences.

Visiting Scholars are researchers who apply to join the Centre on a non-stipendiary basis to pursue research in common with a member of the centre’s staff or one of its Visiting Fellows. They also benefit from access to a wide range of valuable resources for scholars in the field of Islamic and Middle Eastern studies, which libraries at the University of Cambridge have been amassing for centuries.

Graduate Students are offered to a financially support graduate students who gained a place at the University.

The Centre is a research institution and does not offer undergraduate or postgraduate courses. Information about the University courses can be found here: undergraduate courses and graduate courses.