News from the Centre

The video from Dr Alice Wilson on ‘Afterlives of Revolution: Everyday Counter-histories in Southern Oman’ is now available on our videos & podcasts page. This includes discount codes for those wishing to purchase her latest book.

We are proud to be supporting the Fourth Biennial Arabic Language Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Conference at the University of Cambridge on 18 April 2024. 

Theme: Translanguaging and Linguistic Diversity in Arabic. 

Subthemes:  Perceptions of Translanguaging, The Varieties We Teach, Pedagogical Approaches, and Approaches to Assessment. 

Our keynote lecture will be by Professor Clive Holes.

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with experts and educators in the field: 

Register for the Conference: https://www.ames.cam.ac.uk/whats-on/fourth-biennial-arabic-language-teaching-and-learning-higher-education-conference 

 Deadline for registration: 28 March 2024. 

 Big thanks to our sponsors:  

 Qatar Foundation International, The Arab Academy, Cairo, Egypt, AULC, UK, Sijal Institute Amman, Jordan, Qalam w Lawh, Rabat, Morocco, Taa Marbouta Language Centre, Tunisia, IH Cairo, Egypt for making this conference possible! 

The videos for the first three Public Talks of the Lent 2024 series are available here.


About the Centre

The Centre of Islamic Studies at the University of Cambridge is a research and outreach centre that aims to promote a constructive and critical understanding of the role of Islam and Muslims in wider society. One important focus of our work is Muslims in the UK and Europe, although we are also interested in Islam and Muslim communities in other parts of the world. We aspire, through rigorous research and dynamic public outreach, to disseminate knowledge and facilitate informed discussion between academics, policy-makers, the media, business and the public with an interest in Islam in the contemporary world.

The Centre of Islamic Studies is part of the University of Cambridge and is supported by a generous donation from Alwaleed Philanthropies.