Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars are post-doctoral researchers who apply to join the Centre on a non-stipendiary basis to pursue research in line with the Centre’s remit. Visiting Scholars are appointed for a period between three and twelve months, and are expected to attend the Centre’s various activities and contribute to them. They will have access to a wide range of resources in the field of Islamic and Middle Eastern studies, including the vast collection of material at the numerous University of Cambridge libraries. They are also given a University of Cambridge email account, and they will be able to attend public lectures and seminars in the University. The Centre, however, does not offer office space or accommodation. The Centre also does not offer academic ‘sponsors’ or contacts – we expect applicants to arrange (in advance) any specific contacts within the University that they would see as pertinent to their research.

  • The Visiting Scholars applications are reviewed termly
  • Accepted Visiting Scholars will be required to pay an administrative fee of £1,000 (+ VAT) for a stay of up to six months and £2,000 (+ VAT) for up to twelve months. VAT is currently charged at a rate of 20%.
  • Application material:
    • Application_form and Terms and Conditions
    • Covering letter stating the purpose of applying for a research affiliation with the Centre, and the duration of the affiliation (bearing in mind that this period cannot exceed twelve months).
    • Curriculum vitae.
    • Research proposal of no more than two pages.
    • Two reference letters, with at least one of them academic, emailed directly to the Director of the Centre at

Current Visiting Scholars


Student Visitors

The Centre doesn’t have student visitors but the Faculty of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies will take a small number of ‘student visitors’ (people already on a course to take a PhD at another University who wish to undertake a period of full-time research in Cambridge as a student visitor ) – see here for details: