Amina Shareef

Amina did her BSC in Neurobiology & Physiology at Purdue University, and followed this with her Master of Education at the same establishment. She has been involved in activism including co-founding the Stand Project in Lausanne – a local project that challenges the anti-Muslim discourse and mobilizations of the Swiss, far-right populist part, UDC (Union Democratique du Centre).


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Shareef, A. (2015). Racializing Islamophobia: undergraduate Muslim American women becoming “good Muslims” on US college campuses. Accepted by the Islamophobia Studies Journal.
Shareef, A. (2015). Women’s meanings for the hijab on US college campuses. In preparation.
Master’s Thesis: From an Islamic school to American college campuses: The challenges of Islamophobia for hijabi women. (2013).