Muslims in the UK and Europe I

May 2014

Download Muslims in the UK and Europe I.

This edited collection presents a range of topical essays on Islam and Muslims in Europe. The product of the University of Cambridge Centre of Islamic Studies’ first graduate symposium, it tackles issues ranging from burial rituals to the halal economy, minority fiqh to hip-hop, psychological therapy to hate crime. The collection affords a perspective on Islam that is transnational in scope – exploring historical and contemporary connections that cross Europe and Asia – while recognising that the “Islamic” is always embedded in local environments and social worlds. Taken together, these essays attest to the diverse ways that ideas and forms of life associated with Islam have become increasingly important across many areas to those of Muslim background, and to others too. The introduction and concluding essays by senior academics and thinkers offer insightful reflections on the relationship between “Islam”, reflexivity, and the possibility for creative rethinking of social issues in the UK and Europe.