The Centre of Islamic Studies Outreach Programme aims to further develop and strengthen our relationship with schools and educational institutions and offer talks, workshops and CPDs on Islam and Muslims, particularly issues concerning Muslims in the West. The Centre has established links with a wide range of schools: state, private, primary, secondary, faith and no faith schools. We work closely with the teachers to establish what they and their pupils are interested in and the activities that suit their level and age.

Schools & Colleges

Our Outreach Programme offers free sessions at your school or college.

Our aim is to encourage a better understand of Islam and Islamic culture through interactive and engaging workshops, lectures and seminars.

We can offer sessions focused on:

– Islamic belief and practice

– Exploring the Qur’an and Hadith

– Contemporary debates about Islam

– Islamic perspectives on moral and ethical issues

– Environmentalism in Islam

– Islam & Art

Our seminars and workshops are designed to help learners engage with excellent scholarship in the field, so that in addition to content knowledge, they think more critically about Islam locally, nationally and internationally.

Free teacher training and CPD opportunities

Alongside our programme for students, we also offer free Continuing Professional Development (CPD) session for High School & Further Education staff. These sessions address the needs of teachers for content knowledge, giving them confidence that they are on a solid pedagogical ground.

CPD sessions can be tailored your own school’s needs and can explore the following:

– General introduction to Islamic belief, practice and demographics

– Challenging anti-Muslim attitudes and Islamophobia at your school

– Contemporary Hot-Button Issues about Islam

– Muslims in the West: identity, politics and media representation.

– Muslim women and their role in the society

These sessions can also be combined, customised, or even specially developed to meet audience needs.

Book a workshop for your school

If you would like to book a workshop, please provide us with a few key details filling this form. Alternatively, you can contact Yomna Helmy directly on: .