Education Staff Training

We deliver free training for teachers, trainee teachers, support staff, senior leadership teams and governors, providing them with the skills, knowledge and confidence that help educators them  and understand Islamic Culture and provide them with tools to better interact with Muslim parents and students.

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Basic Beliefs and Practices of Islam

Duration: 1 – 2 hours
The session will cover:

  • The meaning of the Islamic creed and articles of belief
  • The five pillars have many dimensions.
  • Sunna & Shia
  • Islam as an Abrahamic faith tradition
  • Quran, Hadith & Shariah Law

Islam in the Media: Fostering Critical Thinking

Duration: 1 – 2 hours
The session will cover:

  • Curricula for media education and unpacking the news
  • Images of Muslims: Typing and Stereotyping
  • Dragging words through the mud: misunderstanding terms
  • What a Billion Muslims Really Think: Gallup polling information from Muslim countries

Historical Issues in Teaching about Islam

Duration: 1:30-2 hours
The session will cover:

  • Origins of Islam
  • Rise and Spread of Islam
  • Islam and hemispheric interactions
  • Early modern and contemporary historical issues

Teaching about Global Islam

Duration: 1 – 2 hours
The session will cover:

  • Defining the region in maps and terminology
  • Comparative geography of Muslim regions over time
  • Surprising statistics
  • Activities for the geography and history classroom