Intra-faith Workshop – “Building A Communal Muslim Identity in Britain”

17 February 2020

Al-Mahdi Institute, Birmingham

The insights from the academic conference will be used to inform the structure and content of the second event, which will take the form of a one-day discussion workshop between grassroots activists, policymakers, and Muslim community members to be held in February 2020. This event will be run in partnership with community organisations, and will take place at the Al-Mahdi Institute in Birmingham, which has dedicated research centre to intra-Muslim relations. Participants will be randomly assigned into discussion groups, each of which will be chaired by a community leader or policymaker; at the end of the day, each group will have a chance to present the results of their discussions to all the participants. The purpose of this event is thus to bring together community members, activists, and policymakers to spark questions and discussions about the current status of intra-communal Muslim relations in Britain. In particular, by engaging both community leaders and the younger generation of British-born Muslims, the event will foster greater dialogue and understanding across both generational and sectarian divides, and help to build bridges both within the Muslim community and with British society more broadly.

Details of the event will be published in early 2020.