Teacher Training Workshop

The Centre of Islamic Studies is running a program that aims to help teachers in mainstream education to incorporate information on Islamic influences in several disciplines into day-to-day teaching materials.

Our idea is to work with teachers and academics to create curriculum-focused content that helps to place the knowledge and significance of these topics into their teaching regime. This will help achieve goals in promoting equality and diversity by expanding pupils’ knowledge of the history and culture of Islamic civilization through classroom activities that fit within the curriculum. The assumed target student range is from year 9 to year 12, but we welcome feedback on the use of material for younger students if this is seen to be appropriate.

Due to the Covid Pandemic we do not have a date for the next workshop – however if you would like to register your interest then please sign up using the online form.

Please sign up using our form: No Fields Found.

Here are recordings of talks given at the 2019 Training event:

We received some great feedback – and for an insider’s view please see Dr Saussan Khalil’s blog post here.