Annual research day, Cambridge

A research symposium day took place at King’s College, Beves room, Cambridge on Tuesday 6 December 2016 which brought together members of the CIS community, including visiting scholars (Ahmed Izzidien), visiting fellows (Ahmed Paul Keeler), sponsored graduate students (Dorothea Ramahi), post-doctoral research and outreach fellows (Mehrunisha Suleman, Ryan Williams and Julian Hargreaves) and members of the post graduate forum (Hira Amin and Margot Dazey,


 12:45                     End of life care: a Muslim perspective, Mehrunisha Suleman

 13:05                     Fieldwork update on conversion to Islam in a family context: emerging

                                   Anthropological themes, Dorothea Ramahi

 13:25                     Discussion

 13:45                     Break

 14:00                     Thinking about everyday citizenship in a criminal justice settings, Ryan Williams

 14:20                     Police Stop and Search within British Muslim Communities: Evidence from the

                                    Crime Survey, Julian Hargreaves

  14:40                     Discussion

  15:00                     Tea & Coffee

  15:30                    Decisions in ideological contexts: Law-making as an extension of implicit beliefs, Ahmed Izzidien

  15:50                     Contemporary Perspectives on Sectarianism among Arab Merchants in China, Paul Anderson

  16:10                     Discussion

  16:30                     Close