CMEPF: Islam in Italy

M. Cenap Aydin (Istituto Tevere, Rome, and Visiting Scholar, University of Cambridge), will discuss Islam in Italy.

Tuesday 3rd May, 1700-1900

Introductory Article: James A. Toronto, ‘Islam Italiano: Prospects for Integration of Muslims in Italy’s Religious Landscape’

Research Presentation: The Muslim Minority of Italy: “Non-existent” Religious Communities as Transnational Actors

Presentation Abstract: Islam is the second largest religion in Italy but it still lacks legal recognition. None of the Muslim communities has achieved an “intesa” (accord) with the state unlike most of the religious minorities. However, this atypical relation at the national level does not prevent some Muslim communities to become transnational religious actors. In my research I look at three Muslim communities -UCOII(The Union of Islamic Communities and Organizations in Italy), COREIS (The Islamic Religious Communities in Italy), Ahmadi Community- not only in terms of their transnational networks and “immagined” umma’s but also in terms of their interaction with another significant transnational religious actor, Roman Catholicism. After a brief discussion in the literature (transnational religious actors, religious minorities, law and religion in Italy) I will present my preliminary findings in the fieldwork, especially based on participant observation and some interviews.