CMEPF: Muslim Activism in France and Poland

For our third CMEPF meeting of term, we are happy to welcome William Barylo (EHESS, Paris), who will be speaking on his doctoral research on Muslim activism in France and Poland.

Time/Place: Tuesday 24th May, 1700-1900

Introductory Article: Valerie Amiraux, Politics of Visibility, Speaking as a Muslim
Avoiding Religion in French Public Space” (2006, in Gerdien Jonker, Valérie Amiraux, (eds.), Politics of Visibility. Young Muslims in European Public Spaces. Bielefeld, Transcript Verlag)

Research Presentation: Unveiling Complexity: Muslim grassroots charities in Europe

Presentation Abstract: “Categorising Muslims according to their level of orthodoxy or political orientations can impoverish the quality of social science study, since it can then be impossible to take the diversity of their discourses and practices into account. Using Valérie Amiraux’s article, this presentation addresses the need for using a micro-sociological analysis that underlines the importance of anti-utilitarian motives such as feelings and emotions, and so considers subjects as complex persons. Drawing on my empirical research on Muslim volunteers participating in grassroots charities in France and Poland, this presentation seeks to transcend the binary of whether a subject be Muslim at certain times, but at other times not.”