CMEPF: Muslims and Islam in the Muslim Press in the UK

This event is part of a series featuring visiting postgraduate speakers discussing their research and its wider academic context, organised by Cambridge Muslims in Europe Postgraduate Forum and kindly sponsored by the Centre of Islamic Studies. Newcomers are welcome; we kindly request that you contact the organisers ( / in advance. Further details are below.

Introductory Article:
Bandar Al-Hejin, Covering Muslim women: Semantic macrostructures in BBC News
Discourse & Communication, 2015, Vol. 9(1) 19–46

Presentation Abstract:
This presentation showcases a preliminary analysis of the discourse of press that caters to Muslim communities in the United Kingdom. The research looks at the similarities and differences in the discourses of Muslim press and mainstream newspapers from 1998 to 2009 with regards to the topics they consider newsworthy and their representation of Muslims and Islam. The presentation focuses on the diachronic analysis of consistencies and/or changes in the topics covered by The Muslim News over the 12 years framework. The quantitative and qualitative analysis suggests that, in covering newsworthy events involving Muslims, The MN shifts its focus and representation of British Muslims based on their position in the news story as agents or patients.

Samar Samir Mezghanni is a Tunisian/Iraqi writer, activist and PhD candidate at the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. Throughout her studies and after obtaining her Masters degree, Samar has worked with several international organisations such as the United Nations, the British Council, CIVICUS, the International Monetary Fund and the League of Arab States. She has recently delivered a keynote address at the United Nations Headquarters about youth role in sustainable development.