The Sudan Referendum: Cause for Celebration or Concern?

by Professor Tim Niblock, University of Exeter

15 February 2011, 5pm
Room 8/9, Faculty of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies, University of Cambridge

The massive majority recorded by the pro-separation side in the recent referendum in Southern Sudan raises important questions about the future of all parts of Sudan. Will the outstanding issues between North and South be resolved peacefully in time for Southern Sudan to achieve independence as envisaged in July? Will the Southern Sudan constitute a coherent and sustainable political entity? How will the orientation/politics of the northern Sudanese state be affected? Are the two states likely to maintain peaceful and cordial relations? And what will happen now to the other marginalized parts of the Sudan? Tim Niblock will seek to address some of these issues, on the basis of a recent visit to Sudan (North and South) and of his earlier work on the country.